Gabrielle Giffords' Resignation Is What's Best for Her -- and Everyone (VIDEO)

Rep. gabrielle giffords
Rep. Giffords announced today that she will step down.
Sad news today out of Arizona: Congresswoman Gabby Giffords has announced that she'll step down from the House of Representatives this week and not run for re-election when her current term expires this year. Although Giffords returned to Congress eight months after she was nearly fatally shot in the head, and she seemed ready, willing, and eager to get back to work ASAP. But she has since reached the conclusion that she still had "more work to do" on her recovery

It's actually very bittersweet to see Giffords hit the "pause" button on her political career ... She will be missed, but at the same time, good for her for doing what's best for herself. Not to mention, it's what's best for the state she loved to serve.


Here's Gabby's video message that was posted today ...

Wow. Everyone realizes this decision couldn't possibly have been easy for Giffords. Perhaps it's one of the hardest she's ever had to make in her life, given how completely driven she has always been to fight for, work with, and be the voice of Arizonans. But because of that drive, I don't think we have to worry too much about this being the last we'll ever hear from Rep. Giffords. She has proven herself to be a spirited go-getter, and from her speech above, you just know that she's not going to give up fighting anytime soon. It's awesome to hear that she really is "getting better every day." Maybe we should just be thinking of her resignation as one small step backward in order to eventually move forward ... to get back to Congress -- stronger, healthier, and more effective than ever before!

Giffords has always seemed like a woman of her word, so I'm positive she'll return in one capacity or another, doing what she loves, serving the people, and making a diference, sooner rather than later. And if you look at it that way, this resignation really is the wisest move -- not just for Giffords, but for everyone ... her family and her beloved constituents.

How do you feel about Gabby Giffords' resignation?


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