South Carolina Primary Results Prove Newt Gingrich Pulled the Wool Over Voters' Eyes

newt gingrichEarly results out of the South Carolina primary are making it look like the winner there will clearly be none other than ... Newt Gingrich! The latest: Newt was projected to finish with 40 percent of the vote.

Yep, forget New Hampshire's pick, Mitt, and so long to Iowa's fave, Santorum! The Republican flavor winner this week is the guy whose second ex-wife spoke with Nightline about his cheating ways and request for an open marriage! The same guy who defensively lost it on John King when he was asked about the scandal (on behalf of the voters) during Thursday night's GOP debate.

Nonetheless, it's looking like Newt was able to manipulate his ex's potentially career-wrecking story into a win-win: At the debate and now, likely again in the South Carolina primary. Wow! However did he do it? No, seriously, can someone please, please enlighten me?


Because I really need to know why on earth people would stand up for a man who seems to be a complete and total hypocrite, having gone after President Clinton so aggressively for Monica Lewinsky when he himself was cheating on his own wife at the time with his current wife, Callista? How is it possible for a candidate like this to appeal to voters with conservative family values while his own life experiences stand in such stark contrast?

See, it just doesn't add up, so I only have to guess that Newt just might be a master at hypnotizing Republican voters to see him as whatever kind of politician -- and more importantly, person -- they want him to be! With just the right amount of FOX News-y spin, Newt was able to turn John King's question on its head and create a lot of distraction to make South Carolina voters agree: Why worry about two-faced, corrupt politicians when there's an evil, despicable "liberal media" that must be dealt with? Because that's the real problem in this country!

Although he may have the powers of an illusionist, it's thankfully still too soon for Newt -- or the Republican party -- to get quite so comfortable (you know, like Gingrich's tweet, "Thank you South Carolina! Help me deliver the knockout punch in Florida!") with his possible nabbing of the nomination. Maybe South Carolina couldn't see through a man who so obviously lacks the moral character to be president, but here's hoping other Americans will.

Are you surprised by the early South Carolina primary results?


Image via AmericanSolutions/Flickr

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