Obama Sings Al Green & Brings Sexy Back to the Election (VIDEO)

Obama sings singing Al GreenThat secret blatantly obvious mega-crush many of us had on Obama back in 2008 that has since faded for whatever reason? (Likely because it's not that hot to watch a guy have to fight tooth and nail with Congress for almost four years.) Well, OMG, you guys -- that spark is about to be reignited!

See, the POTUS was at a fundraising event at the Apollo Theater in Harlem last night and did what might be the coolest (and okay, sexiest) thing we've seen a president/presidential candidate do since Clinton played the sax on Arsenio Hall in 1992 ... He SANG! What's more, he sang Reverend Al Green's soul-filled classic, "Let's Stay Together." Ahhhh! I. Die.


You MUST watch it to believe it.

And that, my fellow Americans, is what we call a charming, charismatic President! No matter how you feel about the President's policies, how can you possibly resist this?!! 

Yeah, yeah, sure, sure -- you claim you don't need your POTUS to be able to carry a tune. You say you don't care if he's a personality-less Robo-Politician, as long as he "gets things done." But I'm sorry, Mitt Romney and all of those other cookie cutter, soul-less Republicans have a helluva lot of catching up to do to be as shockingly charismatic as Barry! While I agree we need a President prioritizes the American people's needs and taking care of business in D.C., I definitely don't think it hurts to that "it" factor -- charm, allure, etc. Because, in fact, having that actually helps a leader get things done! You can't be a Robo-Politician and appeal to both sides of the aisle or other world leaders, etc. Also, damn if Obama didn't prove he's got seriously presidential guts by belting out those couple of lines right there ... squee!

Of course, I can't speak for other Democrats, but the POTUS's performance here was just one more reminder why this Democrat should "stay together" with Obama in the coming election year.

What do you think about the President's rendition of Al Green's classic?


Image via TheObamaDiary/YouTube

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