Woman Who Found Severed Head Speaks Out on Horrifying Details

hollywood signA few days ago, we -- and the rest of the world -- reported on how two women hiking through the Hollywood Hills made the God-awful discovery of ... a severed human head. Like with all crimes, the terrifying details remained scant at first, but now, things are getting cleared up a bit. Especially since I just got off the phone with Lauren Kornberg, one of the women who found the head. Check out what Lauren had to say about the whole surreal experience -- and how even though she's still having trouble sleeping, this whole situation just makes her sad.


Q: Take us back to Tuesday. How did the scene unfold?

A: I'm a dog walker, and my mom and I were going hiking with nine dogs. We just started on the hike -- we were on a part of the trail sort of off the beaten path. One of my dogs, Ollie, a golden retriever, pulled away. He started barking near a bush. A few minutes passed, and then I looked up and he had something in his mouth. He quickly dropped it, and it rolled about 30 feet into a ravine. I said to my mom, "Ollie found something -- it kind of looked like a skull." We went to the ravine and looked down, and saw that it was a head.

Q: Was it wrapped up or in a bag?

A: No. The dog must have shredded the bag and pulled the head out. I never saw it in a bag. By the time I spotted it, it was in his mouth. There was a plastic bag nearby, though.

Q: So, did you know it was a human head right away or did it take a few minutes to realize?

A: Our initial assumption was that it was a fake. People are always filming little horror movies in the canyon, so we didn't think it was real. We thought it was really creepy, though. I wanted to leave, but my mom said, "No, we have to make sure." I wanted to think that it wasn't; I didn't want to think it was real. We got closer, and I still couldn't tell for sure if it was real or fake. But then we realized it was real, and we were in disbelief.

Q: What did you do after realizing it was real?

A: Well, we didn't have our phones, so we stopped two other hikers. They wanted to verify that what we were saying was true, so we walked back over with them, and then called 911. A short while later, a ranger arrived and confirmed that it was, in fact, a head. Then the police started arriving. We stayed there about four hours that night, talking to the cops. We spoke to investigators later on. And then the next day, I woke up to a media storm.

Q: Have you been traumatized since the discovery?

A: The first few nights, I didn't sleep very well. It still kind of feels like a movie, not real. I feel really bad, though, because in the end, when they figure this out, this is somebody's dad, somebody's brother, somebody's family member. Having lost people in my life, it just makes me sad. Everyone's focusing on, "Oh, this is a head," but that head belonged to someone. It also is upsetting because I love that canyon, and it's going to be hard to get that image out of my head. It'll be a while before I go back.

Since Lauren and her mom's grisly discovery, police have also found severed hands and feet that appear to come from the same body as the head.

One final thing ... Lauren wants to clear the record on one critical part of this ongoing story. She says she did not, in fact, pose for a photo with the severed head, nor is she shopping a photo around for $5,000, as some websites are reporting. Lauren says that she stopped some hikers to use their phone, and when she did, one of them took a picture. She says she even asked the hiker if he did, to which he replied no, and now she believes he's the person shopping it around.

Hang in there, Lauren.

How crazy is this story? Have you ever experienced anything this gruesome?


Image via Kyle Monahan/Flickr

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