Newt Gingrich’s ‘Open Marriage’ Secret Is Too Hot for the White House (VIDEO)

Newt GingrichGrab the popcorn and set your DVRs, folks! ABC has snagged itself an interview with Republican presidentical candidate Newt Gingrich's ex-wife Marianne, and it promises to be one you'll want to rewind and watch again. And again. And again. Well, unless you were actually in the Sarah Palin camp and planning on voting for the guy. Because after Marianne Ginther Gingrich squeals, you probably won't get the chance.

Newt's second ex-wife will be spilling about the former House Majority leader's request for an open marriage and her refusal to get into all that kinky stuff on Nightline tonight. That sound? Yeah, that was all the conservatives in South Carolina cracking their knuckles so they'll be good and ready to vote "Rick Santorum" or "Mitt Romney" in the primary on Saturday.


Newt has had a hard enough time selling himself to family values conservatives as it is. Between his three wives, news that he was a deadbeat dad, and the well-known fact that he has dated each of his successive wives while still married to her predecessor (Marianne once admitted to Esquire that he was still married to first wife Jackie when he proposed ... oops).

But Marianne is really pulling out the stops to take down her ex-husband. She's going to open the doors to the bedroom. Uh oh!

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That's all you need to see in order to guess how Newt's going to fare come Saturday. He's committed the mortal sin of being a sexual being. And if there's anything that really makes a die-hard conservative squirm, it's talking about sex.

Just look at how they treat sex education in schools. They give our kids "abstinence-only education," which is GOP-speak for "clamping hands over ears and whistling really loudly so we don't have to hear you asking us where the condoms are."

And let's not forget the tired trope trotted out by the anti-gay marriage folks: "Children shouldn't have to learn about how two men have sex." Because, you know, every time my kiddo sees two hetero people getting married, you know the first thing she asks is "Mommy, how do they have sex." Uh huh. Yeah. (Yes, that was sarcasm -- funny thing is kids are usually pretty happy to hear that two people are getting married because they love each other; they don't ask about penises or vaginas because to them, those are just so icky at this point).

I can't imagine what they'll think of Newt Gingrich actually being outed as a sexual being. I almost feel sorry for the guy. Almost.

Do you see Marianne Gingrich's interview putting a damper on Newt's political aspirations?


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