Rick Perry Quits Campaign: Let’s Celebrate His Best Gaffes! (VIDEOS)

rick perryWe saw it coming from a long ways off, and now the inevitable day is finally here: Rick Perry has announced that he's supsending his campaign. SIGH! As usual, it's the most colorful characters who are the first to go.

Oh man, I'm gonna miss that Rick Perry. And I'm gonna miss his fancy footwear. But hey, we knew we would have to part with the Perry after he uttered those fateful words: "Oops." In fact, those words pretty much sum up his entire campaign performance. Even if you love his policies, you have to admit he seemed to stumble into one gaffe after another. I enjoyed every one of those "oops" moments, which is why before we bid farewell to Rick, I'd like to remember some of the comic gems he dropped along the campaign trail.


Wacky word cloud. Before there was "oops," there was the mind-bending mumbo-jumbo Rick launched as an attempted attack on Romney. I will try to transcribe it word for word, but let me tell you, he doesn't make it easy.

Was he on the side of against the second amendment before he was for the second amendment, was it was before it was before he was for the social programs from the standpoint of he was for standing up for Rowe vs. Wade before he was against Roe vs. Wade? Uh, he was for Race To the Top he's ... for Obama care and now he's against it. We'll wait until tomorrow and find out which Romney we're talking about.

And maybe someday we'll find out how many voices Rick Perry was hearing inside his head when he said this.

Most mockable campaign ad ever. Rick Perry's "Strong" campaign ad made him look like a sanctimonious bigot. But even worse, it fed into the merciless meme machine, resulting in a string of hilarious mock campaign ads. Ooh, that was one big, gushing, oily fountain of comic riches!

The racist hunting camp. I guess this will be the last time I have to type out the name of Rick Perry's family hunting grounds: Niggerhead. God help us all, he should have renamed it before he decided to run. But there's no telling Rick what to do. Thank goodness he handled the controversy so clumsily because it inspired Wyatt Cenac to spin this brilliant bit.

Well, best of luck to you, Rick Perry. We're waving as you ride off into the sunset, to your family's happy hunting grounds, where no one will question your racial politics and where the most complex sentence you'll ever have to utter is, "That was a great shot."

Are you surprised Rick Perry lasted this long into the primaries?


Image via Cafe Lindsay/Flickr

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