Seattle Weather Whiners Parodied in Hilarious Snow Spoof (VIDEO)

shit seattle people say when it snowsNo one can stop talking about the Seattle weather. Or the Portland weather, for that matter. When there's any type of snow event or blizzard in a place that's generally unprepared for such a dumping, the hysteria and the hype reach exciting new levels. It's happening right now to our brothers and sisters in the Northwest -- they're not quite sure how to handle all the white stuff. The heaviest snowfall in a decade was supposed to hit Seattle today, but so far there's only a couple of inches on the ground. That doesn't mean there haven't been some flight cancellations or some school closings, though.

The bulk of the storm may have missed the city (it nailed southwestern Washington), but that didn't stop some creative funny people from grabbing hold of the latest Internet meme -- introducing Shit Seattle People Say When It Snows.


Once you get over the initial distraction of how much the guy's voice sounds like Ryan Gosling's, you'll be taken into the harried and insidery world that is the Seattle snow scene. Forget grunge rock, go to Seattle for the snowpocalypse remarks, slippery hillsides, and references to Subarus.

Watch what kind of shit Seattle people say when it snows and I'm sure you'll find something familiar in it, even if you don't live anywhere near the Northwest. The "yeah, I'm not driving in that, that's crazy" part struck a chord with this lady. Been there, said that. Enjoy!

Does this ring true for you at all?


Photo via paolomottolajr/YouTube

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