Turtle Goes From Broken to ‘Bionic’ in Beautiful Rescue Story (VIDEO)

turtleIf there's any story about any animal found injured on the side of any road and picked up by any person and nursed back to any sort of health, I'm all over it. Nothing warms my heart like these kinds of stories, and I'm happy to report there's news out of Aurora, Colorado about a helpless turtle, a friendly police department, a talented and innovative veterinarian, and an animal-obsessed family.

Our story begins on the local highway where Scorch, the seriously mangled turtle, was found with his shell mostly demolished and his skin partially eaten away by hungry dogs.


The police spotted the poor little guy and took him to one happenin' vet who knew just what to do. He determined that fiberglass was the answer to Scorch's problem and the amazing Dr. Fitzgerald fashioned a makeshift new shell for our massively disfigured slowpoke.

Scorch was fitted with his new back (or is it more like a home?) and was given a little TLC in the hospital. Doc says that as Scorch's natural shell grows back, it will push the fake shell off, and he'll eventually be good as new. After he was given a clean bill, our bionic snapper was handed over to a family who loves animals and isn't afraid to show it. Scorch fit right in the suburban menagerie and seems to be doing great -- the tween daughter of the house told the local news that her new pet turtle is "very loving."

What a happy ending to a story that started off so grim. A turtle with a busted shell partially eaten by dogs is now good as new. Remarkable! And before you get all cynical, yes, I realize there are bigger issues in the world that desperately need our attention, but I don't know if there's anything more important than helping a living creature, no matter how big or small, when they're in need.

Watch Scorch's story:


Have you ever had the opportunity to help an animal in need?


Photo via US Fish and Wildlife Service/Flickr

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