Severed Head Found in Hollywood Hills Isn’t Part of Some Freaky Movie

hollywood signHollywood is unlike any place you'll ever visit. I lived there for nine years, so trust me, I can attest to this with the utmost of confidence. During my time residing there, I encountered a physical fight between "Marilyn Monroe" and "Wonder Woman"; I got into a passive-aggressive argument with David Spade about the last Cetaphil in CVS; and I was vomited on while standing on the Sunset Strip. Twice. But never did I have to experience the shock, horror, disgust, and panic of stumbling upon a human head.

Two women who were hiking in the Hollywood Hills with their dogs made this gruesome discovery yesterday afternoon. Actually, the dogs made the discovery. They began playing with the head, which, in turn, rolled out of its plastic bag. It is believed to belong to an Armenian American man in his 40s. And, no, this isn't the plot to some freaky David Lynch movie. This is f*#&ing real life!


Perhaps I'm naive, but I honestly didn't think this type of thing happened. Now. In America. It seems so ... fictitious. It seems like something that would only be seen in a movie or a CSI show. People really chop up dead bodies and get rid of them in the Hills? I certainly am not condoning violence or murder, but isn't there a better, less obvious way to dispose of a ... body?

And then there are the women, the dogwalkers, who made the discovery. Can you think of anything more terrifying to find than a severed head? Any body part would be bone-chilling, but a head? Nightmare incarnate.

Investigators are hoping to come up with a sketch of the victim soon in order to identify who he is. Hopefully they'll be able to solve this case quickly, and put the awful person (or people) who did this in jail. Until then, I'm just glad I live in New York City.

How insane is this?


Image via Kyle Monahan/Flickr

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