Sorry Fox News, White House Bomb Threat Isn't a Tea Party Win

smoke bombThe United States Secret Service is flummoxed today over the identity of the person who threw a smoke bomb over the fence at the White House during an Occupy Wall Street protest on Pennsylvania Avenue last night. But I don't understand why. Fox News solved the crime! They've got the identity of the miscreant all buttoned up!

How else could they write a headline on a news story screaming "'Occupier' (Not a Tea Partier) Throws Smoke Bomb Over White House Fence"? They must know who this mysterious non-Tea Partier is, right? Unless ... no, it couldn't be!


It couldn't be that they're, gasp, sneaking a win for the Tea Party into a story that has absolutely nothing to do with them? Not Fox News, which is presenting this story under its "politics" heading.

Hmm. Take a look:

fox news smoke bomb coverage

I'll give them a little credit. At least President Barack Obama was off at dinner to celebrate First Lady Michelle Obama's birthday, so our commander in chief was never in any real jeopardy here. It's not like they're throwing a (tea) party while the president is in real trouble or anything.

Then again, we are still talking about a smoke bomb hurled by someone with intent to disturb the piece at the home of our president. It was a serious enough issue that the Secret Service locked the place down, and they're still looking for the guy or gal who used the chaos of the Occupy protest as a shroud of secrecy so he could foul up the lawn (maintained by us taxpayers -- hey, oh!) with his little firework.

The fact is, a smoke bomb was thrown at the White House. That's bad news. Period.

Common sense says the smoke bomb probably was hurled by an Occupier, and that hooligan was wrong. Still, it's not exactly the best news story in which to insert a little ad for your favorite political movement du jour, ya dig? I mean, sure, if there were Tea Partiers mounting a counter-protest across the street or even just standing around drinking coffee and watching the yahoos yelling and screaming, I could see giving them a mention. Hey, they're part of the story, right?

But with nary a mention in the actual story of the Tea Party (even in an extended version, which has a markedly toned down headline), it's sort of like writing a story all about kangaroos in Australia, but writing a headline about the mosquitoes causing Lyme in Connecticut. It just doesn't make sense, unless you're a news organization that has made a point to support a particular political party under the guise of "reporting" the news in a "fair and balanced" manner. Sadly, once again, Fox News has proven they're anything but balanced.

Is trying to cast the Tea Party as a good guy in this situation a stretch -- even for Fox News?


Images via Jesse?/Flickr; Fox News

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