Rick Santorum's Daughters Steal the Spotlight From Their Dad (VIDEO)

Santorum FamilyJudging from the number of views our interview with Newt Gingrich's daughters got a few weeks ago on YouTube, it's clear that voters aren't only interested in the candidates and their spouses -- they want to hear from their kids as well.

That's why after our CafeMom forum with Rick and Karen Santorum on Monday, I took a few minutes to chat with their two oldest daughters, 19-year-old Elizabeth and 13-year-old Sarah Maria, about what it's like to be on the presidential campaign trail with their dad.

They have some great insights -- including what one of the Santorum kids hopes will be waiting in the White House if they ever get to call it home.

Check out our exclusive video -- after the jump!


Here's our interview:

Regardless of what you think of Rick Santorum's politics, clearly they're doing something right with their kids. Sarah Maria and Elizabeth were both poised and confident (I certainly wouldn't have been able to carry off an interview like that when I was 13!), and I noticed that during the forum, both cried in the audience as their parents described their 3-year-old sister Bella, who was born with a serious genetic disorder. The intense love they have for her was palpable, even from where I sat on the stage.

Santorum's two oldest sons also were in attendance that day and they were in my line of sight as I conducted the interview with their parents. I often looked at them to gauge their reactions to what their parents were saying -- you'd think they'd be bored after hearing their father speak at campaign events for months, but both boys hung on their parents' every word, and reacted with real emotion to what they said. It was obvious that this family is very, very close.

I love the fact that the Santorums are bringing as many of their children with them on the campaign trail as they can -- Karen Santorum is absolutely right when she says that this is one of the best school lessons they're ever going to get. Regardless of the election's outcome, I'm sure this is a year that will stand out to all of the Santorum children for the rest of their lives.

What do you think of the Santorum kids? Would you bring your kids along with you on the campaign trail if you or your spouse were running for president?


Image via Rick Santorum campaign

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