Condoms in Porn Are Not Unlike Hard Hats in Construction

A new effort in the Los Angeles porn industry to get all actors outfitted with condoms became very real on Tuesday. The Los Angeles city council voted to deny film permits to producers who don't comply with the condom requirement. It will now go to the mayor for signing and the council wants a committee on enforcement as well. For adult filmmakers, this is quite a blow. And yet it shouldn't be.

When a construction worker goes out on a ledge to work 10 stories up on a building, he is wearing a hard hat in case he falls or something falls on him. When a fireman goes into a burning building, he does the same. We have all kinds of protective gear to protect workers from getting injured on the job. Porn is no different.

These people are working on movie sets that have government permits. They are performing legal work for pay and they deserve the right to protection just like anyone else. Why is that so hard to understand?


The fact is, it has been a law in California for years, but adult filmmakers have routinely ignored it, saying it "ruins the fantasy" and people will not buy their films. They claim buyers won't watch films when the actors use condoms because it's distracting. What kinds of buyers are these exactly? Random sex sans condom is a fantasy for them?

Meanwhile, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation backs the measure since the law has been ignored for years. It's unfair to the actors to expect them to work under conditions that could make them very ill or even kill them.

The fact is, porn actors shouldn't take any more risks than anyone else, and how will consumers adapt to porn with condoms if no one is making it? Filmmakers are now threatening to take their business out of LA (where 90 percent of porn is made), but the reality is, this IS the reality.

Like it or not, anywhere they go, these regulations will follow. And they should. Porn actors ought to be subject to all the same rights as anyone else working legally in the United States. We would say that someone working in dangerous fields ought have protective gear provided to them by their employer and this is simply no different.

People may laugh and giggle about this because it's sex and we are an immature country that way, but this isn't a laughing matter. Unless porn is illegal, it is (and should be) subject to all the same laws and standards as any other business that has to protect their employees. Shame on the directors catering to their consumer and putting their actors at risk.

Do you think porn actors should wear condoms?


Image via robertelyov/Flickr

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