Stephen Colbert & Jon Stewart Super PAC Scheme Gets Even More Brilliant (VIDEO)

stephen colbert jon stewartIs it possible that the world of politics is even more corrupt than we thought? Of course it is, and of course Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart would be the ones to figure it out. Because upon further examination, the already obviously messed-up Super PAC/loophole thing seriously starts to look like a joke.

(A damn funny joke, thanks to Colbert and Stewart.)

On last night's episode of The Daily Show, Stewart and Colbert exposed still more Super PAC "loopchasms." And boy, are they big ones!


Like this one: Apparently it doesn't count as "coordinating" if Colbert and Stewart have an attorney-monitored conversation. (Conveniently, Stewart's Super PAC lawyer and Colbert's exploratory committee lawyer are the same guy, Trevor Potter.) Provided Colbert doesn't give Stewart specific instructions on how to spend the Super PAC money, that is. (Nodding enthusiastically and/or frowning discouragingly while saying "I cannot coordinate with you in any way" is perfectly acceptable, however.)

Another Grand Canyon-sized loopchasm? Let's say Colbert and Stewart did end up somehow "coordinating" and were forced to pay a whopping fine (possibly in the six figures!).

Theoretically, Stewart could pay those fines with ... you guessed it! Super PAC funds.

Wow. Do these "rules" remind anybody else of playing tag as a kid, when every couple of minutes somebody picks a different location for the base to suit their own agenda? (No way, I'm safe! The big rock is base now!)

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Stephen Colbert for President! (And/or Jon Stewart.)

Are you shocked to learn about the latest Super PAC loopholes?


Image via Comedy Central

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