Oh Snap (Crackle, Pop), Man’s Attempt to Poison Wife’s Cereal Fails!

cerealI always hate reading stories about domestic abuse, especially stories that end with hospitalization or even murder. So it was a relief yesterday to come across a story about a woman who survived an alleged attempted murder by her husband. And if the story is true, he's not just cruel and abusive, he's also not terribly smart.

Fernando Porras is suspected of poisoning his wife. According to police reports, he allegedly doused his wife's Rice Krispies cereal with poison. As you can imagine, his awful scheme fell through and he was caught.


According to Los Angeles County jail records, Fernando was arrested and is now being held on $1 million bail for allegedly trying to murder his wife, Fernanda. Reportedly she noticed that her Rice Krispies tasted horrible -- not "off" of "a little strange" -- but horrible. The police say she was not seriously harmed.

Not that I would want Fernando to succeed in his heinous plan, but I can't believe how foolish he was to poison the cereal his wife eats every morning for breakfast. Wouldn't you think she'd be intimately familiar with the flavor and textures of that food? She would definitely notice if it tasted different. And it's even more foolish to use a poison with a distinct, foul taste!


I hope this whole sordid story is just a fabrication and that no one tried to poison anyone. But if this really is what happened, I'm glad Fernando failed. And I hope Fernanda leaves him when this is all over.

Will you ever look at a box of Rice Krispies the same way again?


Image via Brandi Jordan/Flickr

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