Mitt Romney’s Tax Return Is the New Obama Birth Certificate

mitt romneyThe South Carolina debates have been interesting to say the least, haven't they? Other than that awkward moment when the moms were not amused by Stephen Colbert's video, I think my favorite part of the S.C. experience was the renewed fervor surrounding Mitt Romney's tax return. His four competitors (are they more ankle-biters at this point?) are so obsessed with Romney's return that they're like dogs with a bone. Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Rick Perry, and Ron Paul seem to have ganged up on the former Massachusetts Governor, demanding to see the return that they believe will point out the advantages Romney and other wealthy Americans have when it comes to tax benefits on income that's based on investments rather than labor.

This insistent appeal to see Romney's return, and his reluctance to bring it to light, reminds me of that oh-so-famous Birther movement we all adored back in 2008.


What fun all that was, wasn't it? And now we get our own little 2012 version. The stakes are a little lower here -- it's not like Romney's tax return could disqualify him from being president -- but it's entertaining nonetheless. Everyone loves a good witch hunt. Burning torches and hooded horsemen have been replaced with old white dudes raising closed fists behind podiums, but the sentiment's still the same: Give us an explanation or we'll burn you at the stake.

Romney's said he'll show his returns, just not right now. He's gonna wait a little bit. Of course, this just fuels his opponents. If he's got nothing to hide, why not bust out those returns now? No matter who you side with on this matter, you've got to prepare yourself for an epic battle.

It took Obama a few years to come forward with his documents. Even though Romney doesn't have that kind of time on his side, we'll surely get a few more months out of this fishing expedition. Because before it's officially election season, it's inquisition season.

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Photo via nmfbihop/Flickr

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