Despicable Man Claims Dog Strangled His Wife

labrador retrieverIn appalling news of the day, a man is accusing his dog of murdering his wife. The 50-year-old was convicted of manslaughter after his wife was found strangled to death in their bathroom in Düsseldorf, Germany in November 2010 ... But in a totally bizarro turn of events, the guy pointed the finger at his dog as the culprit, claiming the Labrador suffocated his wife to death. So, his conviction was overruled by a federal court and the case is being heard all over again, taking the dog claim into consideration.

You can't make this stuff up! How utterly ridiculous! The court has even gone to the trouble to bring in a "witness who is an expert on dogs." Ay yi yiiiii. Using a dog as a scapegoat has to be one of the most despicable, brainless things I've ever heard.


It sounds like what really went down was the guy was drunk -- he had a blood alcohol level of 3.4 when cops arrived on the scene. He said his wife had "fallen over in the bathroom," and because he couldn't lift her up, he gave her a pillow and blanket and went to sleep, only to find her dead the next day. And apparently, it's all Fido's fault, because the man says it's "well-known that [dogs] sometimes kill their own puppies this way by accident."


First of all, how dense do you have to be to not be able to tell the difference between an attack by a human vs. an animal? Or even a strangling vs. a smothering?? Perhaps there's some other evidence that hasn't been reported on, but it seems odd to even entertain this man's story. Not only is it an insult to their community's intelligence, it's an insult to pet dogs, which are certainly not capable of smothering adults to death! Seems to me that if he's finally found guilty, this guy should be locked up for even longer for blaming his wife's murder on an innocent animal.  

Can you believe this guy?!


Image via Meneer Zjeroen/Flickr

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