Seattle's Blizzardy Weather Forecast Makes East Coasters Cry

Seattle is expecting the biggest blizzard they've had in 30 years over the next couple days, which means that officially, this year is having some insanely weird weather. Here in Boston -- where last year we were inundated with snow -- we've had very little snow, just a dusting here and there this season. Meanwhile, in Seattle, where they never get snow, there is a blizzard?

Of course, a "blizzard" in Seattle is only 12 inches or so. Still, it's TWICE their annual snow fall in a two-day period. And though I know "blizzard" conditions refer more to the wind, the cold, and other factors than they do to total snow fall, it's still a paltry snowfall compared to some of the wallops the East Coast got last year. Even so, I am having a bit of snow envy.

The weather in Seattle is frightful, but here in Boston, it's clear skies and I, for one, am wondering if we will build a snowman ever this year.


We New Englanders are used to 20-inch snow falls, fighting over parking spots, shoveling until our backs ache, and grumbling about the winter. Well, this winter, we have had very little to complain about.

There have been no impending blizzards or snow days or hot chocolates following sledding days this winter for my family. And while I am loathe to look a gift horse in the mouth, I am wondering if we will have a blizzard at all this winter.

Last winter was horrendous and I could have easily done without the back to back constant snowfall we had last January. But none is eerie, too. It's now mid-January and I am sure, by March 21, we will have had at least one blizzard (right?). Now, looking out the window at a cold, dead landscape where old leaves and dirt aren't blanketed under a covering of pristine white snow, I am thinking a winter sans snow is a sad winter, indeed.

Besides, without snow, we New Englanders might have to be in good moods. And who wants that?

I much prefer grumbling about bad weather, threatening to move to Aruba, and whining on Facebook about MORE SNOW???!! This snow-less winter is kind of ruining my mojo.

Are you on the East Coast missing snow, too?


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