I Pray We Can Get Religion Out of Politics

cross"In God We Trust" is a concept our country was founded on. But do you trust people who claim to be politicking in the name of God? I don't. And now that conservative Christians are lining up behind Rick Santorum, watch out for the far right to start throwing the God-bombs.

Americans like when their leaders are people of faith, but do we really care what their religion is? It seems like this year, Mitt Romney's Mormon faith, which appeared to be an issue in 2008, is less of a concern to voters.

After all, he won Iowa, where religious conservatives were cool toward him and his religion the last time around. According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Romney is careful to only mention it when asked. The Republicans have a lot to lose if we get caught up in a socially conservative candidate, like Rick Santorum, who has compared homosexuality to bestiality.


And let us hope the conservative media doesn't dredge up accusations such as those Rush Limbaugh aired about Obama -- claiming he was a Muslim who practices his Islamic faith in secret. Antics like those are what's driving reasonable people away.

I guess the real test of whether a candidate's religion matters will come when we have a Jewish or Muslim candidate run for the White House. I hope religion isn't what has kept Michael Bloomberg from running for President. After all, his politics mirror the country's. Bloomberg has switched his affiliations from Democrat to Republican to Independent! We voted for Obama in 2008, the Republicans in the 2010 mid-terms, and now, people are so fed up, they refuse to claim either party.

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