Rick Perry & His Wife Anita Are Relationship Role Models (VIDEO)

governor rick perry and anita perry

If there was one thing that became crystal clear during the CafeMom forum this morning in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry and more than 100 moms, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers, it was this: Gov. Perry should NEVER campaign without his wife and the mother of his two children, Anita, by his side.

By himself, Gov. Perry appeared calm and articulate as he answered questions about education, undocumented immigrants, and the economy. But it was his moments with Anita that truly humanized the Governor of Texas and made him seem all the more relatable to all the moms in the audience.

It's rare to see a presidential candidate and his wife get so personal about their relationship and how much they support each other -- but that's just what the Perrys' did as you can see in the following videos.


As soon as Anita took the stage, Gov. Perry offered the audience a few humorous anecdotes about the beginning of their marriage.

As far as relationships go, theirs took a while to get started: They dated for 16 YEARS before they got married, and even then Perry had to "beg, plead, and whine" for her hand. Also, an interesting bit of trivia: Anita was the first woman Perry had ever gone on a date with.

Joking aside, the thing that stood out the most about the Perrys' relationship is how much they support each other. Gov. Perry explained it this way, even getting a little choked up at one point:

Whenever I foul up, she's' always there to share with me how I could have done it differently and reminds me if I had asked her first it wouldn't have happened ... If I'd have to walk away from all this, if she was walking with me, it will all be okay.

Even their body language showed how much the two rely on each other: When Anita joined her husband on stage, the two immediately grabbed each other and held hands for much of the discussion. Probably Gov. Perry's most steadfast supporter, Anita reiterated several times during the forum how much she believes that her husband is the best candidate for President, saying:

As a mother of two children, I want every young person to have the same opportunities that we had growing up. I want our world to be safe. I'm not convinced it's not safe now. I know what my husband can do to keep it safe. 

Other highlights included this clip of Perry's message for Eagle Scouts and future Eagle Scouts ...


... and this clip about his love for America and how important the Pledge of Allegiance is to him:

But back to Anita: As any couple who has been together for a while knows all too well, "partnership" in a relationship can be a difficult balance. If what the Perrys' demonstrated today on stage is a true indication of their life together, I'd say they've got it pretty well figured out.

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