Italy Cruise Ship Tragedy Shouldn't Be Compared to Titanic (VIDEO)

costa concordia laying on its side in the waterDisaster struck a 984-foot-long, 4,200 passenger luxury cruise ship called the Costa Concordia last night when the ship hit a reef in shallow water off of Italy's western coast, killing at least two French passengers and a Peruvian crewman. No one knows exactly what caused the accident, but there's talk of a potential technical problem and also human error. But now, news has also emerged that the captain of the ship, Francesco Schettino, was arrested and is being investigated for manslaughter and abandoning ship. Eesh!

The photos and video of the ship sinking and finally under water are awful ... To think of panicking passengers jumping into the sea as the Costa Concordia started to lean sounds eerily similar to what happened aboard Titanic. But thankfully, it wasn't nearly as horrific an accident.


For one thing, while the three people known to be dead is absolutely terrible, most of the cruise ship's 4,000 passengers and crew were able to safely reach land by lifeboats. Some who were trapped on the ship were picked up by helicopters, while there were others who did swim ashore. And right now, as many as 70 passengers are still unaccounted for, but officials say that some of them may still be housed in private homes on Giglio -- where the survivors reached land.

It's certainly unnerving that something like this could happen, period, and that it seems like there was a ton of miscommunication and incompetence in the emergency response. One of the passengers said that some of the life jackets and the emergency lights weren't working, and "there were problems deploying some of the evacuation boats." Of course that sounds like the Titanic, and I could see why many of the passengers have been drawing a comparison. It seems like a miracle that more people didn't perish in this accident. But thankfully, they didn't! On the contrary, 1,200 people died on that awful night in April 1912, so this incident, while extremely disturbing to those involved, couldn't possibly be considered in the same league. And for that, we should be grateful!

Clearly, though, there will be a lot of work to be done in the aftermath of the accident. If the captain really was at fault, he should get a fitting punishment. If it was some other glitch, hopefully, they figure out how to make ships like these even safer. Because Titanic 2 or not, an accident of this magnitude is never acceptable.

Here's a video of the Costa Concordia lying on its side in the water ... very eerie ...

How do you feel about the comparisons of the Costa Concordia and Titanic?


Image via RT/YouTube

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