Psycho Woman Bites 2 Kids in Children’s Section of Bookstore

Biting, babyIn today’s “what the hell, is she stone cold crazy?!” story, a 46-year-old woman was arrested when she attacked two children inside BookBuyers, a California bookstore. Now that, in and of itself, would be strange and awful enough. Only she didn’t use her hands. Or her feet. Or her elbows, knees, or even her noggin for a solid headbutt. This weirdo wielded teeth, biting a toddler and an infant — both on their cheeks — drawing blood from the baby, who is just a few months old.

The woman assailed the two-year-old first, pounced on her brother for a second bite, and fled the store, and was later apprehended at a Starbucks because, you know, a gal needs a refreshing mocha latte frappacino after a criminal assault on small, defenseless children. What on earth???


Somewhere out there, a lonely straight jacket is just waiting for her to snuggle up inside of it.

Every day, there’s a new story or headline or random video clip that goes viral demonstrating that people are absolutely losing their ever-lovin’ minds. I mean, you can never really be on guard against crime because the crazies are always coming up with new, innovative ways to be off the wall. Earlier this week, I posted about a man captured on camera phone pleasuring himself openly on a city bus. A Houston woman in need of her own couch time faked her way into a psychologist gig, treating patients with mental retardation and autism before her bosses discovered she was a cocaine-sniffing, Facebook-ranting fraud. And now this woman, targeting little ones in the sanctity of a bookstore alongside their mother.

Both children are fine, thank goodness, after being treated on the scene by emergency respondents. The alleged biting bandit, Polly Beltramo, was hauled off to the county jail and charged with felony child abuse. The mother of the young victims is understandably shaken. Moms are thrown for a loop on a daily basis, but you just can’t prep your kids for everything, including nipping nutjobs.

Do you have sympathy for people who harm children when they clearly aren't mentally stable?

Image via diongillard/Flickr

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