Stephen Colbert's Genius Presidential Run Might Shock Us Into Caring More (VIDEO)

stephen colbertStill undecided over who you'll vote for in the Presidential election? Well, if you live in South Carolina, your primary election decision just got a whole lot tougher: Last night Stephen Colbert announced that he would be running for President of the United States of South Carolina. Now, I'm not sure how this all works out technically. Will this put him on the real ballot? I don't know, but polls put him ahead of John Huntsman and -- more importantly -- he has handed over his Super PAC funds to Jon Stewart. MONEY HAS BEEN EXCHANGED, people. This just got serious!

And I still can't figure out what Stephen is up to. But one thing is for sure -- this is a game changer. Whatever Stephen has up his sleeves, it's going to get a lot more of us paying attention to the primaries.


So here's the scoop: Stephen Colbert has been raising money through his Super PAC (you add "super" if you want to raise and spend unlimited amounts of money). But now that he's decided to run for President of South Carolina, he has to hand that money over -- but he can hand it all over to a "business associate" as long as that person isn't "coordinating" his campaign. So Stephen handed his dough over to Jon Stewart (giving him a cash erection). Now Jon can make attack ads for Colbert! That are not at all "coordinated" by his campaign!

And OMG, WE LEARNED SOMETHING about how campaign fundraising. From a comedy show. What kind of upside-down world are we living in? It's like the Colbert Report is becoming Sesame Street for grown-ups!

Is Stephen lampooning the ridiculousness of campaign finance rules? Is he trying to reveal what a circus the presidential elections have become? Is this just some evil-genius plan to educate the public about the elections process and get us to pay attention and care this time around? What if he actually gets elected? Actually, Stephen Colbert as president of the United States (not just South Carolina) might actually work out for us.

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Do you think Stephen Colbert's candidacy is just a crazy stunt, or do you think he's up to something deeper?


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