Defenseless Weather Dudes Draw Dirty Doodles on Their Dopplers (PHOTOS)

weather penisI'm inclined to think it's sexually frustrating to be a weatherman or woman. The long hours of doing really sexy things like, I don't know, reading hot and cold front patterns, might get these professionals a little more riled up than it should. I can't say I blame them for being so repressed, I'm sure the power that comes along with predicting the future can get one rather steamy.

Maybe it's their god-like complexes, maybe it's those provocative clickers they hold to change the background on their green screens (oooh, green screens) or all that hazelnut coffee they chug by the mug, or the late hours spent pouring over charts from the NWS (oooh, NWS) ... I don't know what it is, but there are some seriously horned up weatherpeople out there.

Don't believe me? Take a look at this.


WGN TV in Chicago first noticed the trend and decided to highlight some the biggest offenders. They compiled short clips of bawdy weatherpeople gone wild and put together one of the greatest news casts I've ever had the pleasure of watching. Here's what they found.

That first photo up there is from New York's very own Sam Champion. He was apparently feeling a little randy one morning and got particularly excited about the lack of white stuff that covered the ground last year compared to this year. I'm talking about snow, of course. That's one, uh, graphic graphic.

That's not all. A weatherperson in the Midwest got a little hot and heavy with his stylus when describing an ice storm. It looks chilly, indeed. Brrr.

weather boobs

And if you're into this sort of thing, here's a hilarious image of a wet patch shooting clouds eastward. Oh? You see a man bent over farting all over northern Illinois? You're so funny.

weather pooping

This has been a lot of fun, hasn't it. I'm glad we got to share this together. Now. Who's excited to do home and watch the local news?

What do you think? Ever seen anything like this on your news channel?


Photos courtesy of WGN TV's news cast

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