Joran van der Sloot Makes an Extremely Awkward Murder Confession (VIDEO)

joran van der sloot confessingPrime suspect in the Natalee Holloway murder case Joran van der Sloot officially confessed to murdering poor Stephany Flores in a courtroom today. We knew he was going to do it, so that's not a huge surprise. But there were two very striking things about this confession that I don't think most people expected. One, the 24-year-old van der Sloot looks like a haggard 40-year-old man. That's just an aside. And two and most important, that was just about the LEAST sincere confession I have ever heard. You don't even have to understand Spanish (the language he spoke in, as this was in Peru) to read the indifference and lack of remorse in his body language.

See for yourself in this video of the confession from the Associated Press:


Van der Sloot had told the court he was ready to make a "sincere" confession for the murder of the 21-year-old, who he met in a casino and beat in his hotel room, before stealing her money and fleeing to Chile. Only because he was upset that she found articles about his involvement in Natalee Holloway's disappearance on his laptop, mind you. That's van der Sloot's essential defense, that he was suffering from post-traumatic stress when he killed another person.

I was expecting some glassy eyes (even if fake), head in hands, or some emotion, anything, to make what he said believable. Instead we get a robot who fidgeted as casually as if waiting to take his driver's test. If the court buys his "sincere" confession, he could get as little as 7 years in prison, as opposed to the 30 years he'll get if they don't.

We find out Friday if the court believes him and what he will get. Either way it looks like the lad is going to serve some more time, and there's a whole world of people hoping it's more instead of less. I'm sure Natalee Holloway's family will be watching in fury and in hope, and I only pray the decision isn't yet another tragedy for that family.

What do you make of van der Sloot's confession, was it sincere?


Image via Associated Press/YouTube

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