Stephen Colbert Beating Jon Huntsman in South Carolina Makes Voters Look Ridiculous

stephen colbertAlthough Mitt Romney, aka Gordon Gekko, has just won the New Hampshire primary, all eyes are already on South Carolina for what will go down in that hyperconservative, southern state. Will Santorum surge from behind? (Ewww ...) Or will Mitt be able to add SC to his win list? Either way, it doesn't look too promising for Jon Huntsman, who came in third in NH. Embarrassingly enough, the guy has already fallen behind in SC ... behind someone considered a "non-candidate." Yup, South Carolina native and The Colbert Report host, Stephen Colbert, is already beating Huntsman as we speak!

Five percent of GOP primary voters in South Carolina would pick Colbert, while only 4 percent would choose Huntsman -- who is the U.S. Ambassador to CHINA, for crying out loud -- new Public Policy Polling figures show. Wow. Is this a sad day for America or what??


Honestly, my first instinct is that this only reflects poorly on the options Republican voters are being presented with this election year. The fact that FIVE percent of South Carolina primary voters are all about a pseudo-candidate is just plain sad. But it also makes them look like fools who are being taken for a ride and being used as pawns in Colbert's tongue-in-cheek campaign game.

Props to Colbert for basically killing two birds with one stone here. He's proving that a.) The GOP candidates are each various flavors of the same brand of Totally Awful, and b.) The GOP voters in SC are one of the following: Not taking the election seriously, are seriously fed up, are seriously desperate, or are seriously clueless. None of those options really make anyone on the right side of the aisle -- at least in South Carolina -- seem like winners.

If I sound angry, well, you're damn straight this pisses me off. A national election for POTUS isn't an joke. It's not a time to be screwing around and casting your vote for a comedian. Not when we've got the problems we do. Then again, when it's this difficult to tell the difference between legit candidates and a clown, maybe you can't blame the electorate for choosing the one who is at least honest about being a total joke.

What do you make of Stephen Colbert being ahead of Huntsman? Would you vote for him?


Image via David Shankbone/Flickr

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