Doomsday Clock Is the Real Deal & We Should Be Scared

The Doomsday Clock has been set at 11:54 for four years, and now, scientists have moved it up one minute. And though generally, I think end of the world talk is a bunch of mumbo jumbo, this one gives me (and should give everyone else) pause. This is the real deal, people. This is based on what we're doing to the planet and real science, not some hocus pocus made up stuff combined with religion and nonsense science. This is real. And this is scary.

The Doomsday Clock is a figurative timepiece used as a "barometer of humankind’s fate," according to the Washington Post. And on Tuesday, it was moved one minute closer to midnight, which marks the first time it has been nudged forward since 2007. It's now 11:55 and we have five minutes left to save humanity.


Let's face it: what is the real likelihood that the Mayans were able to predict the end of the world all those many years ago? December 21, 2012 is no more the end of the world than April 2, 2013 or March 31, 2020. Still, civilization as we know it will end at some point, and through our world focus on nuclear weapons, our individual refusal to seriously address global warming, and other real, scientific factors, we are moving that date forward.

In all seriousness, this is a very real threat. The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists handles it all. They're a group of real scientists who assemble to educate the world on the very real dangers we face in terms of nuclear weapons and global catastrophe.

The clock was moved forward because world leaders haven't been able to reduce the number of nuclear weapons and also in response to the growing climate change. Maybe seven years ago, this would have meant nothing to me, but now, with two kids to protect, I feel nervous.

This feels far more real than a false prophet's insane rantings or a prediction made thousands of years ago by some crack pot philosopher or people who misread history. This is real and preventable and way too many people don't care.

Every day people drive gas-guzzling cars, refuse to carpool, ignore the news, don't recycle, and generally contribute to the destruction of our planet. They do so proudly, too, proclaiming global warming to be as crazy as Mayan believers. Well, they're wrong. And they're the reason bad people are elected into office who don't help the planet and don't draw a hard line on nuclear weapons. They're the reason this planet may not survive.

When anyone tells me I take politics too seriously, I look only to this to explain that no, it isn't me who takes it TOO seriously, it's everyone else who doesn't take it seriously ENOUGH. These are very real threats and those who scoff and mock are the ones who are slowly killing us all. Just call me a doomsday prophet.

Does this scare you?


Image via Bilal Lashari/Flickr

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