Fame Hungry Casey Anthony Doesn't Need Her Lawyer to Book Her Interview

casey anthonyFolks, prepare yourselves to be shocked. SHOCKED. Casey Anthony is said to be perturbed that her attorney Jose Baez -- wait for it -- is using her as a meal ticket. Can you believe it? A man who suddenly got national attention for the most infamous trial of this century so far is actually thinking of milking the fame?

How scandalous! Snort.

OK, yes, I believe it. I even believe that gossipy Page Six could be right on with a claim that Anthony is set to fire Baez over the frequent media reports that he's been seen out gallivanting with members of the news media but has yet to score her a sit-down interview on major TV. The reasoning is simple enough.


She doesn't actually need Baez to book her interview. His co-counsel, Cheney Mason, is perfectly capable of handling her legal issues, and she can handle the public end. She's out of jail, she's got a computer, and she has access to the Internet. What more could a fame-hungry former murder suspect want?

Didn't you see the videos that oh so mysteriously popped up on the Internet last week? With Anthony pushed out of the spotlight by the likes of Christmas, Tim Tebow, and the awful child sex abuse scandal at Penn State, the timing couldn't have been better to position her at the top of the headlines ... and atop the minds of media producers planning their 2012 slate.

Oh, I know, Anthony is now claiming that the two video diaries -- the first to tell us about her new puppy and the second to show off her nose piercing -- were the result of a hack job. But I had a good chat with a computer security expert this past weekend, who pointed out the hacker would have had to 1) know Casey Anthony even had a computer and 2) magically know her IP address out of millions. He cited some additional, more techy reasons he doubted the videos could have come from anyone outside of her circle, but the point is: there's enough doubt to remind us that Casey could very easily be making contact with the outside world all by herself.

All it takes is a run down of the media who ran clips of her videos to prove she's got their attention. She can take it from here.

And if Baez is gone, that's one less person she'd have to share the spotlight with. What do you think? Does Casey Anthony need this guy on her legal team anymore?

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