Mom Fakes Kid's Death & 4 More Horrifying Work Excuses

sick dayOK, 'fess up. You've faked something to get out of work before, haven't you? A dead aunt's funeral? A cough that was really more of a tickle? Amateurs!

All this time you could have been faking a daughter ... and then faking her death! Creepy, huh? Yes indeed.

But that, my friends, is how Joan Barnett got herself a two-week vacation in sunny Costa Rica while her co-workers at New York school were suffering in the frigid Northeast. And OK, so that's also how she lost her job. Not to mention, Joan has found herself atop a very special list.


They're the people who could put Baron Munchausen to shame on the make-it-up-ometer. They've told whoppers that didn't just get them out of a few days at the office. They landed them in the history books. Let's take a look at the storied company which Joan Barnett now keeps:

1. The Fake Dead Mom -- With a Twist: Scott Bennett knows that faking a kid's death can make your bosses ask an awful lot of questions. Faking a dead mother on the other hand, well, all's fair in love and fraud. And just in case those snoops in payroll tried checking up on him before they cut his bereavement leave check, Bennett made sure to take out a fake obituary on his not-so-dead mom.

2. Fake Sick With Legitimacy: Anyone can scribble something onto a piece of paper and make it look official. But folks in Wisconsin took it one step further during the protest rallies outside the nation's capitol. Doctors in lab coats lined up to write notes to give people a day off, thereby compromising the integrity of the whole profession. Nice job doc.

3. Stabbing Yourself: Apparently covering your shift at Blockbuster Video in Colorado was a tough gig back in 2009. Or so thought Aaron Siebers. He actually stabbed himself in the leg -- then told his manager he'd been attacked by either skinheads or Hispanic males (he couldn't recall which) just to get out of it.

4. Having Your Friends Shoot You: Got a drug test coming up at work and really need some time off? You could always fake a drive-by shooting. And if you're like Daniel Kuch, you will probably have some friends willing to shoot you in the shoulder to help you with the ruse.

Does the craziest thing you've ever done to get out of work come anywhere close to these horrors?


Image via Flashy Soup Can/Flickr

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