Hotel Gives Random Pervert Key to Sleeping Woman's Room

hotel keyDon't you just love hotels? Mmm, they're so luxurious and fun. The room service, the free electricity, the front desk staff who gives your key out to random dudes who claim to be your husband even though they're nothing more than a creepy pervert who wants to break into your room to fondle you? Oh, yes, this happened! Alison Fournier, a former New York investment banker, was in bed in her room at a Starwood hotel in Finland when a man she'd never seen unlocked her door (with an actual key!), groped her, and then ran out of the room.

When Fournier inquired as to how on earth this happened, she discovered that the man merely told the front desk he was married to her, and voila, he was presented with a key, no questions asked.


This is why there are rules, people. This is why things like identification -- passports, licenses -- exist. Hell, this is why phones exist! Did the hotel staffer really not think to call up to Fournier's room, at the very least? A lot of really terrible, inappropriate stuff could have been avoided if he or she had done so; if he or she would have just used common sense for God's sake! Who hands out the key to someone's hotel room just like that?

I have a feeling the hotel is going to get theirs, though. Not only is Fournier suing the entire Starwood chain, she's gone and hired Gloria Allred to help her do so. It may not help her erase the awful memory from her brain, but it will definitely help her gain the "unspecified compensatory and punitive damages" she's seeking.

How utterly insane is this?


Image via El Gran Dee/Flickr

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