Paramedic Admits to Sexually Assaulting Injured Woman in Ambulance & Goes Free

ambulanceWarning: Prepare yourself to be irate and disgusted. There's really no other way to feel after hearing about a Mark Powell, a paramedic from North Haven, Connecticut, who was arrested last week on charges of first-degree sexual assault and unlawful restraint. He had taken a 22-year-old woman to a hospital with a head injury on Christmas Day, and when she awoke in the ambulance, the ambulance employee was assaulting her. And she clearly remembers shouting at him to stop.

The specifics are nothing short of nausea-inducing.


According to the young woman who was assaulted, en route to Yale-New Haven Hospital, she felt a man "forcefully manipulating her breasts with his hands and pinched her nipples, causing pain." Then, he put his hand down her pants and put his finger in her vagina. After she was out of the hospital, the woman started piecing together the details of the incident.

At first Powell said there was no wrong-doing, but now he's admitting he "made a mistake." But it sounds like he's still trying to justify his actions by saying he only touched the woman's breasts and genitals "to elicit a response from or awake the female." He claims he pinched her nipple to "apply pain stimuli as he'd seen nurses do in the hospital" and her vagina "became accidentally exposed" (REALLY?!). Powell also later told the cops the gruesome details of how he assaulted the woman vaginally, and I just ... I can't ... but suffice it to say this man knew exactly what he was doing.


This is so blatantly SICK, disgusting, tragic ... and yet, somehow, this man is free on bail. I'm not sure if there are politics at play here, or if the situation is simply not being taken as seriously as other equally horrendous crimes because its a young woman involved -- especially a young woman who had been drinking. Regardless, the facts are clear, the guy is even confirming the victim's story. So you would think more stringent action would be taken against him ... even a higher bail could have been set! The fact that it wasn't is simply outrageous.

Thankfully, Powell is due in court on January 19. I say lock the bastard up. At the very least, he should be fired immediately. Not treating this situation with the gravity it demands sets a dangerous precedent for like-minded criminals to assault other women.

Do you think this crime is being taken too lightly?

Editor's Note: We originally posted this article on January 10, 2012 with a photo of an Armstrong Ambulance Service ambulance, although Armstrong was not involved with this story. We regret the inadvertent publication of the photo and for any confusion that the photo may have caused.


Image via plong/Flickr

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