Kayak Fisherman Saves Lost & Traumatized Dog From Sea (VIDEO)

kayaker save dogAwww. If you have a dog -- scratch that, if you have a heart -- this brave animal's journey is guaranteed to make you misty-eyed. And you might stop picturing superheroes as muscle-bound caped crusaders and start seeing them as lanky kayakers sporting water shoes and life jackets.

Who can, by the way, stay extremely calm under the strangest of circumstances. Like this fisherman, who was kayaking along the Gulf of Mexico when he made a very unexpected catch:


A shivering, bleeding, scared-out-of-his-mind dog. The fisherman saw the pooch swimming by and immediately pulled him out of the water, knowing something was wrong -- even after drying the dog off with a ShamWow (points for being well-prepared!), the dog was still shaking violently: "This dog isn't out for a casual beach swim," said the unidentified kayaker. "He's in obvious distress."

Indeed he was. But the fisherman wouldn't find out the horrible reason why until after posting his video of the amazing rescue on YouTube: The dog, who turned out to be named Barney, made the half-mile swim into the Gulf after his owner, 53-year-old Donna Chen, was killed in a hit-and-run accident while walking Barney approximately one mile from the shore.

Thanks to the quick-thinking kayaker who brought him to a vet, Barney will make a full recovery (thanks to the dog's ID chip, the vet was even able to reunite Barney with his family).

It's still incredibly sad. The 22-year-old driver who killed Chen and injured Barney is being charged with DUI manslaughter, and the kayaker's original hypothesis as to why the dog was swimming for his life turned out to be true. In the video's description on YouTube, he wrote:

"Our guess is that [the dog] was so freaked out and traumatized that he just wanted to get as far away from there as possible. And when he ran out of land, he took to the water."

Watch this video and tell me ...

Is the kayak fisherman who saved Barney your new hero?


Image via midget2000x/Flickr

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