Woman, 73, Forced to Wear a Bomb & Rob a Bank

money One moment you're pouring a cup of coffee in your Fayetteville, Arkansas home, the next you've got a bomb strapped to your ankle and you're forced to rob a bank. Believe it or not, it happened to 73-year-old woman Betty Davis Monday morning. A man described as white and wearing jeans entered the home she shares with her husband, attached an explosive device to Betty's leg, tied husband Herbert up in a chair, and made Betty go to the bank.

Driving alone in her car with the kidnapper trailing behind her in Herbert's truck, I'm sure Betty was wondering what the hell was happening to her. What started out like any other morning was turning into the Aziz Ansari movie, 30 Minutes or Less.


Betty entered the bank and told everyone what was going on as fast as she could, then bolted outside in case she was about to, well, explode. The bank called the cops, employees and customers safely evacuated the building, and the bomb squad removed the device from her ankle. The kidnapper, thankfully, got cold feet, never pressed the detonator, and fled the scene.

As of now, authorities are trying to figure out whether or not the bomb on Betty's ankle was active, but understandably, everyone is pretty shaken up. And so far as Betty's story goes, the cops believe her and say evidence supports her claims. The perp is still at large.

What can we learn from this -- don't trust anyone? Own a bomb-sniffing dog that can confirm or deny whether the device a criminal slapped on your leg is actually an explosive? Is it live every day like it's your last? (That's one piece of advice I've always despised. Like, I don't need to take down a gallon of Breyers vanilla every day.) It's true, I don't know what we're supposed to take away from Betty's trauma, but maybe it's just that messed up things happen in this world to good people no matter if we like it or not, and we should be grateful when we've been spared from the random chaos of crime. It's either that, or get the trained German Shepherd.

What's the randomest thing, good or bad, you've experienced?


Photo via sushiina/Flickr

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