Second Casey Anthony Video Shows She Doesn't Care What You Think (VIDEO)

New Casey Anthony VideoOh good grief. Just a few days after the Casey Anthony video diary was oh-so-accidentally leaked onto the Internet, the famewhore is back at it again. A new video of Casey spewing her inanities is out that makes the motive for leaking these videos even more mysterious. The way she talks, she obviously doesn't care what we think of her.

Video diary number two is shorter than the first, and once again ignores the 800 pound gorilla in the room. How far down on that list of thoughts bouncing around Casey's brain does little Caylee lie?


We now know it's at least beneath her cute little nose piercing, which features highly in the clip that Casey, er, someone leaked to the web. For seven whole seconds, we get to hear how "exciting" it is for her to now have both an extra hole in her nose and an ear cuff. Blech.

I know I'm as guilty as the next rubbernecker for actually watching it, but I confess I just keep hoping she'll actually redeem herself so I'll feel better about that not guilty verdict. Because I'm finding it hard to believe that videos made on a computer owned by Casey Anthony just mysteriously materialize out of thin air onto the computer of a would-be leaker. Simple logic points to her camp being somehow involved. So when are they going to advise her to stop sounding like a self-involved prat?

Once again sporting her old brunette 'do -- albeit in a short bob -- it's hard to tell if this was shot before or after the nearly 5-minute diary that showed Casey as a blond kvelling over her new computer. Considering video diary numero uno was all about how grateful she was to have a few things she could call her own, while this one makes it pretty clear she's moved on to gussying herself up, my hunch is it came sometime after her October intro to vlogging. You be the judge:

If she really wants to make the world stop hating her, she'd be wise to finally leak something that was somewhat . . . sympathetic? As long as she continues with her inane prattle, she's going to have a hard time convincing the world that she deserves to be free. But then again, maybe she just doesn't care.

Do you keep watching the Casey Anthony news with the hope that she's going to try to make us feel better about this whole situation?


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