Man Dresses Up Skeleton Just to Drive in Carpool Lane

skeletonWe've all been there. You're driving along in what feels like the worst traffic of your life, and you start eyeballing the carpool lane. It's practically empty. The few cars that are using it are whizzing by you, their engines laughing at yours. It's calling your name. The only problem is you're alone. You shouldn't be using the carpool lane, because you're not carpooling with anyone. It's a moral dilemma, but man, do you want to get the hell out of the God-forsaken traffic that, most likely, has no real cause. What do you do?

If you're a ballsy dude in Seattle, you strap a skeleton into the passenger seat, dress her up in the finest white hoodie you can find, and have her hold a metal cookie tin between her bony legs for you.

And then you get pulled over.


The man, whose name hasn't been released, wasn't initially pulled over because of his deceased lady friend. He was pulled over because he was driving 82 miles per hour like a yahoo. Everybody knows you don't drive 82 miles per hour when you've got a skeleton in the front seat. And not just because they're delicate, because you're obviously going to get pulled over -- and then you're going to have some 'splainin' to do. Well, maybe.

According to a State Patrol spokesperson, "The driver did not have any comment for the trooper concerning his 'passenger' and received a ticket for speed, unsafe lane change and the HOV violation."

So, really, he didn't even need the decoy skeleton in the car with him -- unless she was there for reasons other than using the carpool lane. He was going to get pulled over and get the same violations, regardless. I'm glad he brought her along, though. Because if there's one thing the world is woefully understocked with, it's solid skeletons in a sweatshirt stories.

Have you ever used the carpool lane when you shouldn't have? It's cool, we're friends.


Image via renaissancechambara/Flickr

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