Michele Bachmann: 5 Places We’ll See Her Next

michele bachmannThere's good news and there's bad news. The good news is that Michele Bachmann's chances of living in the White House are slim to none. The bad news is that even though she probably won't be on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, she'll be everywhere else. Just like Sarah Palin, Bachmann won't disappear after a loss. No, no. I have a feeling she'll become a larger-than-life personality, just as Palin has, now that her dreams of the presidency have been dashed.

There's little doubt in my mind that we'll see Bachmann turn up in these 5 places.


First of all, we can surely expect a book. Bachmann will write about her family, her time on the campaign trail, her values, and maybe a little something something about what it's like to be a true conservative in America today. And where there's a book, there's most definitely a book tour. We'll see Bachmann in Barnes & Nobles across this fair land in no time.

When not busy meeting with ghostwriters willing to pen her autobiography, Bachmann will be on Fox News. She'll stick out as a brunette on the channel famous for their Republican blondes, but that's nothing a few hours at the salon can't fix. Soon enough we'll see Michele and her new flaxen highlights dishing out punditry with the best of them.

And a reality show can't be too far off, either. Could she star in Michele and Marcus Plus 28? Maybe she will show us around the land of 10,000 lakes, or bring us into her kitchen for a little show about feeding a large family. Whatever topic is offered her, I'm sure Bachmann would jump at the chance to have her own show.

She'll also be speech giver, a bake-sale hawker, a pod cast host, a party host, a charity luncheon host ... basically, she'll be everywhere that a celebrity politician could be. Or, or or or or or, she could run for re-election and seek a fourth-term in the House.

It's unlikely we'll have to wait long to see which road Bachmann decides to take. Whether it's back in Congress or everywhere else, Bachmann's presidential bid may be over, but her life in the spotlight is just beginning.

Where do you see Michele going next?


Photo via Fibonacci Blue/Flickr

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