Mitt Romney Punk’d Rick Santorum Bigtime (Or So It Seems)

mitt Romney adGOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum might as well face it. No matter what he does, challenger Mitt Romney always manages to come out on top. The former Massachusetts governor has even figured out how to make the Google problem that's been haunting Santorum for years make the Romney campaign look better.

As I type this, there is a Mitt Romney campaign ad on top of the Spreading Santorum website created in 2003 by writer Dan Savage to ensure the Pennsylvania Senator's disturbing comments about homosexuality haunt him forever. The pure evil genius of it makes me want almost want to vote for the guy. Almost!


If you haven't already heard of the Pennsylvania Senator's Google problem, I'd advise you to plug his name into your search engine. But I'll have to warn you, it is decidedly UN-safe for work or kids for that matter. The top result -- and home to a string of ads that changes each time you click, but includes the Romney booster -- advises the world that Santorum is a sexual neologism for "a frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex."

Needless to say, when the Santorum camp pulled off a second place finish just eight points behind ol' Mittens, there were a LOT more people finding out about this little Google problem. Mitt was benefiting without having to do a thing. But I would love to find the person who ensured that in addition to that slap against Santorum, there's also a bright blue banner encouraging you and yours to:

Be a Part of History. Be There With Mitt.

The ad says (as is required by political advertising law) that it was paid for by Romney for President, and it links to an actual part of the Romney campaign website -- albeit one that's hard to find off of the main page (in order to replicate the page, you must enter the words "New Hampshire Election Night" into the Romney site's search).

It seems legit. And it seems someone in the GOP frontrunner's campaign is a genius with a wicked sense of humor. If Mitt has people like that working for him, the rest of the GOP slate might as well throw in the towel now. He's always going to come out on top.

Does the sheer genius of this make you look at Romney in a different light?

Image via Spreading Santorum

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