Single Mom Wins $7 Million Lottery & Keeps It a Secret

lotto ticketKathleen Crewe, 57, is your average single mom in just about every way. She lives in the town of Millbury, Massachusetts. She's worked as a controller for Goretti's supermarket for the past 17 years. Oh, and she just won $7 million on New Year's Day in the Massachusetts lottery.

The thing that separates Kathleen from the rest? The fact that she didn't tell anyone -- including her two college-age children -- until this past Tuesday.


Crewe hid the winning lottery ticket inside of a thermos, which was tucked inside of a fire-proof bag over the holiday weekend. She only told one person: Her sister. Crewe says that she's not one to play the lottery often, but that she decided to buy a ticket because sales were low and the odds seemed good. She also says that once she receives the cash ($4.9 million after taxes), she plans on helping her mother make repairs to her home, and that she plans on continuing working. Suuuuurrreee she will.

Some may find it a little odd that Kathleen kept such a huge, amazing, happy secret under wraps for as long as she did, but I'm totally with her. I'd do the same thing, were I, God willing, ever in her position. And, believe me, I've thought about it.

I'd tell my husband. Obviously. I'd wait to tell everyone else -- my family, my friends, coworkers. I'd want time to digest the insanity of what just happened, and I'd want to figure out what we were going to do with all that glorious, glorious cash before everybody added their two cents.

That's my plan, at least. Whether or not I'd be able to keep my yapper shut like Kathleen did is another story.

What would you do if you won $4.9 million? Would you quit your job? Buy a mansion? Travel the world? Let's have fun for a moment ...


Image via Robert S. Donovan/Flickr

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