Casey Anthony Video Diary Will Make You Sick (VIDEO)

casey anthony video diary

Guess who's out of hiding? That's right, America's Anti-Sweetheart: Casey Anthony. She's not merely "out of hiding," either -- she's actually voluntarily putting herself right in the spotlight again, releasing a "video diary" filled with her, um, deepest thoughts.

I'm not going to lie -- it's enough to make anyone who followed the train-wreck of a trial physically ill. Now sporting short blond locks and dark-rimmed glasses, Anthony has drastically changed her look (which I assume is her attempt at a disguise?), but not her stripes, if you get my drift.

This is really all you need to know: At no point during the nearly 5-minute-long clip of Anthony speaking directly into the camera does she mention her daughter Caylee. You know, the one she was inexplicably cleared of murdering? Nope, doesn't bring her up at all.


But at least we can all sleep at night again, knowing things are "starting to look up" for Casey Anthony. And she's sure that "they'll only get better."

Wow. WOW. I don't know which is the worst part -- that she never mentions Caylee, that she has the audacity to think we care about her ability to keep a positive outlook, or that she's apparently been so lonely, she adopted a dog. Which she "loves." (Run away while you still can, dog!!)

Just to reiterate: The clip below will absolutely turn your stomach. But it probably won't surprise you.

How does watching Casey Anthony's video diary make you feel?

Image via msnbc

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