5 Ways Zinah Jennings Is the New Casey Anthony

The last thing the world needed was another case like Casey Anthony's, but it looks like 2012 may be the year of Zinah Jennings. The mother of one was last seen in early December but turned up without her 18-month old son Amir after a car accident on Christmas Eve. Thus far, her story of where her son has been has changed quite a bit and been highly inconsistent. Given all the details, the case is strikingly similar to the news story of 2011: The Casey Anthony case.

Naturally, this doesn't bode well for little Amir Jennings.

Zinah, just 22, has been depressed for months, according to reports, and her story keeps changing as to where her son has been for the past month. The parallels to Casey Anthony's story are far too many to ignore. Here are some of the big ones:

  • There is little paternal involvement: Amir's father is not very involved with the child and last saw him at Thanksgiving. Though Caylee's father had zero involvement, the young single mom trap is very much true in both cases.
  • The story keeps changing: Casey Anthony blamed a false nanny and made up a million other lies regarding Caylee's whereabouts. Now Zinah is doing the same. First the South Carolina mom said he was with her sister in Atlanta. Then he was with her friend in Charlotte. There is no clear story and the more the lies come out, the less hope there is he will be found alive.
  • The grandparents are the ones who reported their grandchild missing: It wasn't Zinah but her mother who reported the pair missing back in December. This was also true in the Anthony case.
  • There was car drama: Just like in the Casey Anthony case, it was her car that drew Zinah Jennings out of hiding. Though Anthony hadn't had a wreck, it was the smell emanating from the car that first alerted Casey's parents to the idea that their grandchild may have been dead. Jennings was hiding until her car was wrecked and forced her to come out of hiding without her son.
  • She told police she didn't have a child: Though Casey Anthony never denied having a child, she certainly acted like she didn't after Caylee was missing. She was partying and having fun while her daughter was gone. Meanwhile Zinah Jennings told police she had no baby at one point.

For obvious reasons, no one is feeling good about baby Amir right now. Police believe she either gave him away or she hurt him in some way. One must also wonder if she took a page from Casey Anthony and figures she will get away with it, too.

It's a heartbreaking story and one we all hope will have a happier ending than the Anthony one.

Do you think this mom killed her son?


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