Lost Wedding Ring Sprouts Up in Vegetable Garden 16 Years Later

carrotsIt would suck to lose your wedding ring. The few times I've dropped mine, I've had a full-blown panic attack before it even hit the ground. But, it would be pretty awesome to lose your wedding ring -- and then find it 16 years later on a carrot in your vegetable garden.

Lena Paahlsson was whipping up a batch of something delicious in 1995 when she took off the wedding ring that she had designed herself and set it on the counter. Like all the stories go, she lost it, and it remained lost for 16 years. But unlike all the stories go, she found it. Wrapped around the head of a vegetable.

How the crap did it get there?


Lena and her husband have a theory. They're thinking that the ring must have fallen into the sink amongst the vegetable peelings, which were then composted or given to the family's sheep. Works for me. I don't know how the heck else you explain something like this. After finding the white gold ring, which is set with seven small diamonds, Lena said, "The carrot was sprouting in the middle of the ring. It is quite incredible." She also mentioned that the ring no longer fit her, and she plans to have it resized so she can wear it once again. 

So, how's that for your zany news of the day, folks? Woman finds her ring almost two decades after losing it. On a carrot, no less. And it's another reason to be "eco" to boot.

How cool is this?


Image via color line/Flickr

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