What's Brewing for the Week Of: January 4 (VIDEO)

what's brewing logoDid you make any New Year's resolutions? Here's a good one: Once a week take a few minutes to yourself and check out What's Brewing this week at The Stir.

Each week in our video series, we bring you five of the most interesting, most talked about posts that you just may have missed on the site. Today we've got a woman who gave birth to a baby weighing nearly 12 pounds; a list of detox foods to cure the holiday bloat; an adorable encounter between a baby and President Obama; and more. The only similarity between these hotly-debated, buzz-worthy stories? They all generated TONS of chatter. And they're bound to get you chattering, too!

Let's see what we've got ...


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Sandra Bullock image via Splashnews.com; Obama video via YouTube; "Pink Rant" video via YouTube

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