Learn More About Caucus Winner Rick Santorum in Our Exclusive Interview (VIDEO)

Rick Santorum InterviewThis will probably be Rick Santorum's Best Week Ever.

The strict social conservative put in months of campaigning in all of Iowa's 99 counties, and his hard work paid off. He came within EIGHT VOTES of Mitt Romney, and while technically Santorum's in second place, I'm going to go ahead and call this one a tie.

Until now, the media hadn't really seemed to consider Santorum as a major player in this election. Consequently, very little coverage has been devoted to covering his campaign proposals.

Well, ladies, I'm here to help.

A few weeks ago, I interviewed Santorum and asked him about some of the issues that matter most to moms. See what he had to say -- and find out what I thought of this candidate after meeting him personally -- after the jump.


Here's our interview:

Having spent several days in Iowa, watched Santorum live before an audience of a few thousand Iowans, and interviewed him myself, I'm not at all surprised that he pulled it out there. I've said it here before and I'll say it again -- regardless of what you think of the man's politics, he comes across as absolutely authentic and sincere. I got a strong impression of a man who's going to stick with his beliefs, regardless of whether it's popular and even whether it gets him elected. There's something very admirable about that in this race, where it seems like so many candidates are simply saying whatever they think will appeal to voters.

After my first trip to Iowa, I came back telling everyone I knew to expect a Santorum upset there. Not only do Iowans place a premium on honesty and integrity, but many of them happen to agree with his views. Add to that the fact that he's been tirelessly stumping there for months and, I suspect, has by now shook the hand of nearly every Iowan in the state, and you have all the ingredients for a candidate Iowans are going to support.

Will his strategy work outside of Iowa? Probably not. He is so socially conservative that I think his policies are going to be too much for many Republican voters. And forget about the independents ... they're going to be looking for someone far more moderate.

However, I do think voters are, like me, going to appreciate his unwavering commitment to his beliefs, whether they agree with him or not. In this era of politics, it is, quite simply, refreshing, and I'd like to see more of it from both Republicans and Democrats.

What do you think of Rick Santorum? Were you surprised at the outcome of the Iowa caucuses?

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