Dead Body on Queen’s Property Makes Us Morbidly Curious

sandringhamThe first Royal scandal of 2012 is already here! On New Year's Day, a dead woman's body was found on the Queen of England's Sandringham estate in Norfolk. The police think it may have been there anywhere between a month to four months. And they say it's "highly unlikely the death was through natural causes." In other words, it looks likely that the woman was murdered!

What a tragic, grisly find for the Queen! The police are investigating the case and DNA tests could provide a profile of the victim within the next 24 hours. It was a dog-walker who found the body -- above ground, not buried. The scene is a wooded area about three miles away from the house where the Queen usually spends Christmas. I'm sure I'm not the only person wondering, how does something like this happen?


I would think there would be too much security surrounding the Queen's property for someone to be able to dump a dead body there! But it turns out that according to Sandringham's website, the woods and heath are free and open to the public. Heck you can even pick your own apples there. So I guess in that particular area, there is very little if any security to dodge.

But still, why would the murderer choose that property, anyway? Was it just a convenient spot that had nothing to do with the Queen? It seems like a really weird choice -- royal property. But maybe they're the only woods around for miles. Maybe it's just a really good place to (gulp) hide a dead body.

And of course, we're all wondering who the victim is and how she was killed. Well ... sort of. As popular as shows like Law & Order are, this is real life. This was someone's sister, wife, friend, daughter. And it doesn't look like she died of old age and always wanted her remains left above ground somewhere on Sandringham Estate. As curious as I am about this story, I also kind of don't want to know what happened because it's bound to be a heart-breaking story.

Are you dying to know more about this mysterious death, or would you rather not find out?


Image via The Guardian

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