Man Rescues Kids From Icy River and Reminds Us Heroes Really Do Exist (VIDEO)

icy riverEven though we all know that everyday heroes really do exist (9/11, anyone?), sometimes it's easy to forget these Good Samaritans are out there. After all, we do live in a world where the terms "Black Friday sale" and "pepper spray attack" go hand-in-hand.

But we also live in a world where people like former police officer Chris Willden of Utah will jump into an icy river without thinking twice to save three children trapped in an upside-down car.

Three kids who definitely would not be alive today if not for his amazing act of selflessness (also, his handy pistol and trusty pocket knife).


The accident had all the makings of the worst kind of tragedy imaginable: 46-year-old dad Roger Andersen was driving his two children, 9-year-old Mia and 4-year-old Baylor, and their friend, 9-year-old Kenya Wildman, to a ski resort when he lost control of his car on a treacherous canyon road.

A second, he says, was all it took for the car to go sliding down a 10-foot embankment into the river, where it flipped over and the cabin filled with freezing cold water. Andersen managed to escape but couldn't get the doors open to free his kids.

Enter Chris Willden. The scene sounds like something out of a movie starring Nic Cage or Will Smith or Harrison Ford (maybe a few years back, but you know what I mean). Willden jumped into the river and rescued the kids using his pistol to shoot out the car window and his pocket knife to slice through a seat belt. (Nice work, MacGyver!) By that point, Chris had been joined by his dad Bruce and about eight more brave passersby who helped him carry the kids (two of whom weren't breathing) out of the water.

Miraculously, after being treated and released from the hospital (Andersen's kids had hypothermia), all three children are now doing fine. Even Willden is shocked, having braced himself for the worst.

"I remember thinking to myself, 'You're going to see some dead kids, get ready,'" he said. "I've got three of my own and it was going to be [an awful] start to the New Year."

Instead, it was quite the opposite! Just watch this clip:

Is it easy for you to forget everyday heroes like Chris Willden are out there?


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