Insanely Cute Twin Polar Bear Cubs Will Melt Your Heart (VIDEOS)

twin polar bear cubs get fedThe past month seems like it's been a particularly busy one for famous newborns. We've welcomed newbies from McSteamy (actor Eric Dane) and wife Rebecca Gayheart, Robert De Niro and his wife Grace Hightower, and of course, we're still waiting with bated breath for "Babyonce" to join the world. But today, the baby headlines are going to a totally adorable set of twins, making their public debut this week. They're male polar bear cubs, and they're sure to make you squirm from cuteness overload. 

The cubs were born in October at an aquarium in Dalian City, China and currently weigh about 22 pounds and are about two feet tall. They'll be able to walk really soon ... on their own four paws! Awww.


The cubs' parents actually were given to China by Finland as a gift back in 2001, and they're the second set of twins to be born to their folks. I know, you don't usually think of animals having multiple sets of twins. It's rare, but it definitely happens, and thankfully, all of the cubs born to this happy family have survived.

The newborn cubs are just too much. They seemed to soak up all the excitement and love bestowed upon them when they met the public this past weekend. And there's also super-cute video of them getting ready for their big debut playing with balls, being fed, rolling around, snoozing, and just hangin' around with one another. I know they prefer cold temps, but seriously, watching them is enough to make anyone melt (hee hee).

Here's a video of the cubs in action ...

And another of their recent debut ...



How adorable are these polar bears?!


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