MTV Shows Condom Commercial at a Really Bad Time (VIDEO)

trojan commercialWhen I was a kid, I loved New Year’s Eve, because it was the one night a year I was allowed to stay up until midnight, make a lot of noise, and throw confetti all over everything.

The year I was 11 or so, my parents threw a party, and all of us kids piled into the basement and watched an MTV special counting down the best music videos of the year. Green Day’s Basket Case was near the top, which made me happy because I really liked that song. Also? I totally thought the whore mentioned in the opening line was some sort of fortuneteller. How else could she know his life was a bore?

Other than an occasional unsanitary lyric that didn’t even register in my adolescent brain, there was nothing really memorable about the whole thing. I can guarantee you though, if there had been naked people jumping up and down simulating sex, it would have been seared into my curious little retinas.


Enter last Saturday night’s New Years Eve Special on MTV, hosted by Demi Lovato and Tyler Posey. Special guests included Jason Derulo, Mac Miller, J.Cole, and Selena Gomez. Finally! A name I recognize -- my eight-year-old adores Selena Gomez. A quick Google search confirmed that the other actors’ target demographic is the teenybopper crowd.

Do people still say teenybopper? Is Tiger Beat still around? Never mind.

So what’s the big deal? I watched MTV on New Year’s Eve as a kid, and the cable channel obviously put together a lineup that would appeal to a young audience … the big deal is that for some reason, MTV thought it would be appropriate to play commercials for Trojan condoms and vibrators during the breaks.

One of the ads references ‘bare skin,’ shows a diagram of a condom, and depicts two adults engaging in some sort of sex act, with little ‘censored’ bars covering the important bits. 

Take a look:

I’m all for capitalism and free markets, but what happened to basic human decency? The programming on MTV was specifically targeted toward a youthful audience, maybe even as young as my daughter, little Disney fan-girl that she is. If there’s a reasonable chance underage kids will be watching, there’s no reason for commercials mentioning discreet shipping.

Heck, if it were perfectly acceptable to show commercials for vibrators to children, why is discreet shipping needed anyway? 


Image via YouTube

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