A Leader, Not a Parent, Should Be President

jon huntsmanIt's bad enough how blurred the line has become between church and politics, but some candidates are pushing the line between parenting and politics, too. Are we supposed to believe that Rick Santorum is the strongest prospect to beat Barack Obama because he has six kids? If good parenting is even an issue, we need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture in the 2012 election. None of us can afford to be single issue voters this time around with the economy in the mess that it is.


Jon Huntsman has seven kids, including two girls who were adopted from China and India, respectively. Mitt Romney has five sons who must adore him because they dress just like him -- in those trademark jeans and sport jackets. Vogue pointed out that even though Huntsman and Romney are both Mormons, they view their religion differently. Maybe it's because Huntsman's wife is Episcopalian. The Huntsmans say they honor the structure of Mormonism without holding their kids to every principle. All of the "kids" I am referring to here are of legal drinking age. But, unlike Romney's sons, the Huntsman's sons will have a drink every now and then. Does that make Jon Huntsman a bad Dad ... or candidate?

Ron Paul's son must like his Dad. After all, he not only followed him into medicine but politics, too. He says sure, his Dad thinks cocaine, heroin, and prostitution should all be legal, but he hasn't made any of those a campaign issue. If that's true, there's a lot of conservative folks that may not have thought that one through. I'll leave it to you to decide whether his attitude toward drugs and hookers makes him a bad Dad or candidate. For sure, it makes him a Libertarian.

And Rick Santorum must be a good father because he's told his kids to stay off "Google." (That's a joke.) But, I would probably do the same thing if I got blasted the way he did over his position on gays and abortion. Can't we just agree to disagree and float some more socially liberal Republicans instead of stooping to the level of the YouTube wars?

As any of us have learned on this subjective journey called parenting, who is and isn't a good parent is a matter of opinion. Who is and isn't capable of leading our country feels a little less subjective. Just take a look at the unemployment figures or our soaring deficit.


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