Barack Obama Might Be a Good Parent But He's a Really Bad President

Becoming a parent changes a person in many ways, and not just by the addition of crinkly eye lines and gray hairs. Parenthood can better a person in every aspect of their lives. Improving one's leadership skills, teaching one patience -- and more patience -- and even more patience when the child enters their teen years (terrible twos? HA!), and making one realize that the world does not, in fact, revolve around himself or herself.

While it's impossible to tell what kind of parent our potential leaders are, we do know that with parenthood should come wisdom, maturity, and the resistance of stompy foot temper tantrums of one's own -- who has the time for such self-indulgence when far too busy dealing with the temper tantrums of actual children? It also usually provides the ability to temper the rashness of one's youth and hopefully the quashing of one's own ego. Of course, this isn't always the case.


Nor is good parenting indivisibly linked to good leadership. Just look at the current occupant of The White House, he of the overwhelming and unwarranted hubris, President Obama! As far as we can tell, and we really can't ever truly tell, President Obama seems like a good parent. I know he loves his daughters; that much is clear. But in his case, good parenting and good leadership are not linked at all; he is woefully incompetent and an abysmal failure of a leader. Of course, he'd never admit that. He never outgrew his unwarranted hubris. In fact, I think it's fermenting and getting more pungent with age.

It's near impossible to gauge if a Presidential candidate is a good parent or a not-so-good parent. We aren't privy to all their private family business, nor should we be. Plus, a child can seem perfectly fine, yet his or her parents may have been dreadful. Other times, a child may have some 'issues,' yet his parents may have been very fine parents. I mean, some people whine and moan about "awful childhoods" as an excuse to claim perpetual victim-hood, even as adults, just because mommy didn't let them lick the cake bowl.

What we can see is how candidates have grown and learned from parenthood and developed that knowledge into leadership strengths. In this regard, President Obama is clearly a huge failure. Newt Gingrich by some accounts seems to have grown and tempered with age and wisdom and grand-fatherhood. If that helps to diminish his greatest flaw, his ego, then that bodes well for his leadership strengths.

We can see that Governor Perry is a strong, loving husband and father, who met his wife at the age of 8 and loves her to this day. It's apparent to anyone who has seen them together. He's also a loving and watchful father, even on the campaign trail. At an event in Iowa, he stopped during a speech to pass his jacket to his daughter, who was cold. Of course, that was spun as sexism by the liberal media, but in reality, it was a daddy watching out for his little girl -- even if she is all grown up. A loving marriage and fatherhood have clearly strengthened Governor Perry and made him the man, and the great leader of the State of Texas, that he is today. 

That's the kind of daddy, and leader, I'd like in the White House.


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