Siku the Polar Bear Is the Most Ridiculously Cute Baby of 2011 (VIDEO)

siku the polar bearThere's nothing like an absolutely adorable video of an absolutely adorable baby animal to cure the post-holiday blues. Especially when that baby animal is a fuzzy little polar bear who looks like a cuddly stuffed toy that magically came to life.

I can't be the only person who thinks so, since 1-month-old Danish polar bear Siku is pretty much the hottest thing on the Internet right now. Of course he is! The teensy fuzzball is so cute it hurts.

And once you hear his story, you'll love him even more ...


Apparently poor Siku's mother couldn't produce any milk, so Scandinavian Wildlife Park workers had no choice but to take him away from his mom and bottle-feed the baby bear. Awww! The whole hand-raising aspect of Siku's story is reminiscent of late German polar bear superstar Knut, but Siku will live in swankier, more spacious digs (Scandinavian Wildlife Park advertises the "world's largest polar bear facility").

Siku is also meant to serve as an environmental ambassador of sorts -- his name means "ice" in Greenlandic, a reminder of melting ice caps and the ongoing destruction of the polar bears' natural habitat.

Let me put it this way: If this face doesn't inspire people to care more about the environment, I'm afraid nothing will. Just watch:

Do you think Siku the polar bear is the cutest baby of 2011?

Image via YouTube

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