Caylee Anthony’s Medical Examiner Makes Smart -- But Shocking -- Decision

Dr. Jan GaravagliaI suppose it was time. Six months may have passed since Casey Anthony was declared not guilty on charges of murdering her toddler daughter, Caylee. And now we're getting a whole TLC special on the case courtesy of Medical Examiner Dr. Jan Garavaglia, the woman who declared little Caylee's death was indeed a homicide.

And now for the big surprise up Dr. G's sleeve! You ready? I promise you're going to like it!


Garavaglia is refusing to cash in on the case. Every cent from Dr G: Inside the Caylee Anthony Case, will go to children's charities. She says that will enable her to shine a light on exactly how the medical examiner's process works while retaining her integrity. Now that truly deserves a Hallelujah!

Now . . . if only the medical examiner's very public refusal to take any money would prod other people to kill the greed? The backlash against people profiting off the tragic case began just about the second the Pinellas County jury foreman let loose the word "not" in the courtroom, but that doesn't mean people have listened.

A few months ago word leaked out that Anthony's ex-fiance was shopping a book around, hoping to get money by talking about the days he spent with her, thinking he was Caylee's father (a paternity test revealed he wasn't.). And just this week, Assistant State Prosecutor Jeffrey Ashton was on HLN hawking his new book: Imperfect Justice: Prosecuting Casey Anthony. Although Ashton has declined most reporters' requests that he reveal what he's doing from proceeds of the sale, he's now facing a legal challenge from Casey's camp. They say he revealed details ordered sealed by the court "for profit," and they want him held in contempt.

But even if they succeed in getting Ashton in trouble, the fact is there are still so many people in the public clamoring for Anthony dirt that the risk she'll get a big figure deal to show up on TV remains high. She could still profit off her daughter's death, something even the staunch holdouts on the side of innocence should have trouble stomaching.

And what of the general public? The people who would watch this sort of interview or who have already put up money for the creepy Casey Anthony Halloween mask or buying Ashton's book?

Being curious is natural, but Dr. G is proving that we can satisfy that morbid curiosity without feeling like we're dirtying the memory of little Caylee. I'm more than happy to support children's charities.

How about you? If you could keep learning about this case and support a charity at the same time, would you?

Image via Discovery Health

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